This is a mix I recorded for my friend DBase over in Athens, Greece. He has a very successful weekly radio show entitled, ‘Submission’ each and every Wednesday 9-11pm GMT on www.cannibalradio.com Thanks to him for inviting me onto the show.

The show was broadcast on 16th May 2012. You can download it from here :

Here is a list of the music I played :

1. Intro…

2. Jrumhand ‘Soul Mates’

3. Jrumhand ‘Everything’

4. Jrumhand ‘Sutton Row’

5. Aquasion ‘Funky Joe’

6. Phatplayaz ‘Sandy Dance’

7. Jrumhand ‘The Winter of Life’

8. Nookie ‘Rebounded’ (Jrumhand’s Aint Broke Remix)
9. Jrumhand ‘Those Vital Elements’

10. Jrumhand ‘My Sound’

11. Chris Sabian & Blade ‘Leaving you Behind’

12. Jrumhand ‘Johnny Promise’ (Mike PFM’s Swear Down Bruv Mix)

13. Outro…

14. Turnz ‘Subtleties’

I hope you enjoy the mix.

DBase : https://www.facebook.com/dbase.athens


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