Summer Studio Mix

I’ve put together a little mix of music that I’ve been working on over the last few months both individually and collaboratively.  Much of it is forthcoming over the next few weeks and months.

I’ve also featured one of my favourite and inspiring pieces of music from the mighty LTJ Bukem to end on.

I’d like to thank  LTJ Bukem, Phil at Basement Records, Tyler & Christal at Smooth n Groove, Scott at Soul Deep and Glenn Physics for supporting my music.  Also big shout to Tim Poschek for the collaborations and more to come!

The mix is available from my Souncloud page and here:


  1.  Untitled – unsigned
  2. Minuet in J – unsigned
  3. Bitter Sweet – Midnight Sun Recordings
  4. Man Yana – unsigned
  5. Blue Sky – Smooth n Groove Records
  6. With Poschek – Equatorial Drift – Soul Deep Recordings
  7. Easy – Smooth n Groove Records
  8. With Poschek – My Town -Precious Material
  9. Wonsaponatime – Precious Material
  10. Dig a Feeling – Smooth n Groove Records
  11. LTJ Bukem – Point of view – Good Looking Records

New music Update

I have been busy over the last month or so working on lots of new music.  This is a clip from a new track entitled, ‘Blue Sky’, which is getting support from LTJ Bukem.  It will be released on my forthcoming EP with Smooth n Groove Records alongside:  October, Easy and Dig a Feeling.  Here is a short clip of the track:

I’ve also been busy working with the very musical and talented Poschek from Germany on a couple of new pieces for a forthcoming EP with Soul Deep so look out for news on that over the next few weeks.  These are also being supported by LTJ Bukem.

Lastly, I’m really pleased to announce that I have signed a track with Physics’ label Midnight Sun Recordings.  The track is ‘Bitter Sweet’.  Here is a clip:

Have a great summer!


Wonsaponatime features on new Precious Material LP.



I’m really proud to announce that my track ‘Wonsaponatime’ is being re-released on the legendary Precious Material label via Basement Records.  Many thanks to Phil for having me on the album. Back in the 90’s I’d eagerly snap up their every release so to feature means a lot.

You can buy the vinyl and CD release here:

Here is some info about the release:


Hi Everyone, I am really excited to announce the relaunch of my Precious Material Label.

The label originally ran from 1994 to 1997 and won critical acclaim for a series of releases including the outstanding Icons (Blame & Justice) Projects, Jazz Juice Detroit, Brothers With Soul, Nautilus and Tony Justice Headhunter releases to name but a few. The label was known for its deep luscious Jazz, Deep Techno and Rare Groove inspired releases.

This new album continues on the same thread and I hope you all are feeling it as much as I am. The project will be released as a 4 x 12″ Album with a double CD featuring a mix by DJNibers aka Andrea Nibbers,

Test Press Sets will be available in approx 3-4 weeks time.

Here is the tracklisting for the album:

A1 – Okee – Planet Blue
B1 – Aquasion – Respect The Game
B2 – Headhunter (Justice) – Red Planet
C – Paul SG – This Is Jazz
D1 – Silence Groove – Take You Away
D2 – Actraiser – Soul Priestess (inst)
E – Jrumhand – Wonsaponatime
F1 – Tidal Jazz – Tonight
F2 – Jazz Juice(Alex Reece & Wax Doctor) – Detroit
(DJ Lee unreleased 97 Remix)
G – remix Physics – Sonic Area
H1 – Ray Kieth – Rare Groove
H2 – Soultec ft La Meduza – Entre L’inconnu

Youtube clip from Basement Records:



Below is a clip of DJ Nookie playing the track at Atmosphere a few years back alongside MC Five Alive:

New Music

I have recently completed two tracks in the last few weeks entitled, ‘Dig a Feeling’ and ‘Easy’.  I have signed both of them to Smooth n Groove Records.  Many thanks to Tyler & Chris.  Release information coming soon.

Here are some clips:


Dig a Feeling:


New Music and Release

I’m really pleased to have signed 4 new tracks to Soul Deep Recordings.  This is a label that I first worked with back in 2011 and one which I really respect.  Scott has done a tremendous job over the years building up SDR to be one of the leading labels in our scene today and it is always a pleasure to work with him.

Watch out for this EP which will be released this year.

I’ve also got round to working on some brand new music.  I’ll always put clips up on my Soundcloud page so here is a clip of a new one I’ve just finished called ‘Manyana’.

I’ve also put a link to all my releases on SDR over the last 6 years.