This is a mix I recorded for my friend DBase over in Athens, Greece. He has a very successful weekly radio show entitled, ‘Submission’ each and every Wednesday 9-11pm GMT on www.cannibalradio.com Thanks to him for inviting me onto the show.

The show was broadcast on 16th May 2012. You can download it from here :

Here is a list of the music I played :

1. Intro…

2. Jrumhand ‘Soul Mates’

3. Jrumhand ‘Everything’

4. Jrumhand ‘Sutton Row’

5. Aquasion ‘Funky Joe’

6. Phatplayaz ‘Sandy Dance’

7. Jrumhand ‘The Winter of Life’

8. Nookie ‘Rebounded’ (Jrumhand’s Aint Broke Remix)
9. Jrumhand ‘Those Vital Elements’

10. Jrumhand ‘My Sound’

11. Chris Sabian & Blade ‘Leaving you Behind’

12. Jrumhand ‘Johnny Promise’ (Mike PFM’s Swear Down Bruv Mix)

13. Outro…

14. Turnz ‘Subtleties’

I hope you enjoy the mix.

DBase : https://www.facebook.com/dbase.athens


Nookie – Rebounded (Jrumhand’s Aint Broke Remix)

I felt honored to officially remix this classic Nookie remix of Personelle’s ‘Rebound’ track. The original is one of my favourite drum and bass classics of all time.

It was great to get the original samples from Nookie (from his old Akai sampler) and work with them on this remix. It is such a classic track, that I couldn’t bring myself to change it too much and have used most of the original samples as well as some new bits and pieces here and there. That is why I called it the ‘aint broke remix!’.

Big thanks to Gavin – enjoy!

Mastered by : Nookie

DJ Support by : Nookie and LTJ Bukem


A track I composed last summer is being released next Monday (2nd April) on the ‘Beyond Wonderland’ EP on Phuzion Digital:

Promotion video featuring cuts from the Beyond Wonderland EP available from iTunes, Beatport, Digital-Tunes, Juno, etc.

Release Date: 2nd April 2012 (Beatport) / 30th April 2012 (iTunes, Juno, All Other Shops)

1. Flowhertz – Worst Day in Lifetime
2. EKTO1 – Lose My Mind (Original Mix)
3. Insaint – Subtle Nuances
4. Jrumhand – Just a Piece of Music

Look out for another artist EP from me on Phuzion Digital later this year.  Big thanks to Gavin for supporting my music.  I must say that Phuzion are a great label to work with; very efficient and professional.



I am really pleased to announce my next release and first solo EP on the mighty Phuzion Records digital arm, Phuzion Digital.

I have entitled it, ‘Traversing Sounds’ and it features four tracks composed last summer.

It’s been a real pleasure to work with the label and I’m really looking forward to this release. Big thanks to DJ Nookie for supporting my music and also for mastering the tracks ready for the release.

Look out later in the year for more releases from me on Phuzion Digital as well as Nookie’s Atmosphere Chapter 3 mix featuring my track, ‘Visions of Music’.


My track, ‘Visions of Music’ which I made last summer, is being released on 12th March via DJ Nookie’s brand new Atmosphere Chapter 3 mix series.  I am thrilled to be part of this project on his label, Phuzion Digital.  Having listened to this mix I can tell you that every track is absolutely outstanding and it really delves into the deeper end of drum and bass.  Expertly mixed and structured, it really takes you on a musical journey.

Here is the tracklist and release information from Phuzion :

Phuzion : Digital Presents…

Atmosphere Chapter 3

15 track mix album

Digital download only

1. Flowhertz – Nice Try

2. DV8 – Shoot 2 Kill

3. Arp 1 – Our Deepest Fear

4. Kredit – Coincidence

5. Jrumhand – Visions of Music

6. Plain Dialogue – Caia Pira

7. Alexus – Magic

8. MSDOS – Brassin

9. Rowpieces – Farewell

10. Furney – Escape To Freedom

11. EKTO1 – Lose My Mind (Furney Remix)

12. Soul Culture – Stronger

13. Mayforms – Last Night

14. Madcap – Our Love

15. Electric Soul – Believe In Yourself

DJ Nookie returns with the next chapter in the Atmosphere Deeper Drum and Bass compilation and mix album series!

Featuring 15 exclusive tracks available only on this album from prolific producers such as Msdos, DV8, Furney, Alexus and Rowpieces to name but a few.

Exclusively availble on Beatport on March 12th 2012 and all other stores from March 26th.

Chapter 3 continues on the number 1 ethos of Phuzion Records and Phuzion Digital bringing only the very best in Deeper Drum & Bass!

Many thanks to Gavin for featuring me on the mix and also for mastering the track.