September News!

I’ve finished a couple of new pieces over the Summer:




I have been working with the very talented German producer Poschek for a while now and one of our tracks, ‘Equatorial Drift’ I have uploaded a clip here:


Another piece entitled ‘Jazz Tears’ can be heard here:

Release news on these two and more to be announced soon.

In addition, we have also signed two other collaborative tracks to the legendary Precious Material label and they will be featured on the brand new Precious Material album, which will be released on vinyl.  Huge thanks to Phil Basement.  More news to follow soon on this very exciting release.

We are also continuing to work on lots more collabs together, so we will post clips of these tracks to Soundcloud over the next few weeks and months.



Escape EP – Smooth n Groove Records

Jrumhand - ESCAPE [EP ART]


I am very pleased to announce that my Escape EP will be out on 11th July 2019 on Smooth n Groove Records.  Thanks to Tyler and Chris for the release and support as well as to Scott Allen for his excellent mastering.

Kriterion Release & Promo Mix!


I am very proud to be part of the Kriterion Recordings camp, with my release this week of two of my compositions ‘Altitude’ and ‘My Way’.  I’d like to thank Melv and Sy for their support and would urge you to check out the other releases on the label as well as keep an eye out for future projects.

My promo mix is here:

Jungle Club – LTJ Bukem – Mariscos

I’d like to say an enormous thank you to LTJ Bukem, who played an absolutely tremendous 90 minute set last month at Mariscos, here in North Devon.  He truly is a master of his craft – an absolute professional and gentleman.  People here are still talking and buzzing about it and will be for a good while yet! We hope to do it again next summer, so watch this space!

The Jungle Club is a new project by myself and Matt Anderson (DJ Maestro – Certificate 18 – 001) which aims to bring the best DJ’s here to this wonderful part of the country, and we started with the very best there is.  We had around 200 people at the night and they loved every minute of it – a big thanks to them all in what was an excellent atmosphere.

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