Jrumhand: The Binary Soul Collection



The digital imprint, Binary Soul Records (BSR) was set-up in May 2008 by D-Func, based in Barcelona who expressed an interest in a couple of my compositions. I was delighted to help found the label and the first release were my tracks, ‘Many Years From Now’ (coincidentally the title of a Paul McCartney autobiography – the first of many Beatle influences in my choice of track titles) and ‘Ripples’ which formed BSR001.

Further releases followed including my political track, ‘The Charade’ featuring on the second release, ‘The Soul Science E.P.’ alongside music from the mighty Phatplayaz, Blake Reary (Scenic & Advisory on the remix) and Alien Kid.

BSR004 comprised of two of my compositions, ‘Steel & Glass’ and jazz infused ‘Brass Lick’, followed by BSR008, which included ‘Tomorrow Evening’ and the Precious Material ‘A New Beginning’ L.P. bound ‘Wonsaponatime’ (which does not feature on this release as it is available to buy from Basement records).

What I am pleased with is that listening to these pieces of music 10 years later demonstrates what I have always set out to achieve which is attempting to create music which does not age and is timeless.

These tracks are not available anywhere else, which is why I have uploaded them here.

I have also included the Knowledge magazine and IDJ release reviews and also the cover art for the releases as part of this download.

Big ups to D Func.

Now available from my Bandcamp shop here:




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