New music at my Bandcamp Shop – 7 E.P.’s

I am pleased to announce that I have uploaded lots of music to my Bandcamp shop.

The latest E.P. is called ‘Paths’ and features 4 unreleased pieces:

1.  Paths

2.  An enjoyable escapade

3.  Appegios

4.  Live each day


Following many requests to upload my releases from the mighty Storeham shop site, which no longer exists, I have uploaded every single track on different E.P.’s as follows:

September E.P.


  1.  September
  2.  A swell time
  3. Jammin’
  4. Kozmik

Antidote E.P.


  1.  The Antidote
  2. All that mattes
  3. Jropped
  4. The power of music

We Rise E.P.



  1.  We rise
  2. Washing away the tears
  3. Piano business
  4. Belt drives and white labels

Red Skies E.P.


  1.  Red sky at night
  2. Melodic improvisations
  3. Spiritual chemistry
  4. Through the cosmos

Space Walk E.P.


  1.  Space walk
  2. A dangerous journey
  3. Alright
  4. All aboard

Tight Spot E.P.

1. Tight spot

2.  80’s groove

3.  Le groove

4.  Simply does it

I am going to also upload my Binary Soul releases, which are unavailable to buy anywhere else as well as some more exclusive content.

Many thanks for your ongoing support.


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