August update and Release News!

Here is an update of some forthcoming releases from myself over the next few months:

First of all, I am kicking things off with a brand new release on Storejam next Monday 26th August (see separate post about this).

Next up is a two track EP on new label Soul Flex Digital. The first piece is ‘Against All Odds’ which is a personal favourite of mine. I composed this a couple of years ago and it received some excellent feedback and support so I am very happy to see it finally get a release.

The second track on the EP is a piece entitled, ‘Decadence’ which I made a few months ago. I am pleased to be working with Gary at Soul Flex. They are signing some really good music from the likes of Conspire and Mark Halflite amongst others. Keep an eye on them for the future.

Here is a preview of both pieces of music from my soundcloud page:

I’ve also got some music forthcoming on Good Looking/Looking Good Records over the next few months. A collaboration I did with Blade a few years ago is being released on a compilation called ‘Jazz’n’ over the next few months. This track also made it into Bukem’s August Top 10. It also includes the fabulous Paul SG piece called ‘Widescreen’, which is a big personal favourite of mine so really looking forward to that release. Here is a youtube video from Good Looking:

I have also signed ‘My Sound’, ‘Sensitive People’ and ‘Love so True (with Scott Allen) with the label over the last few months so watch out for more information as and when I receive it.

I have also signed some music to Odyssey Recordings. Expect an EP over the next few months. They are releasing some excellent music from the likes of Tidal and many others.

Finally, I have upgraded my music computer set-up over the last couple of weeks, switching to a mac and Logic. This will be a gradual process with the aim of improving and developing my compositions. I’d like to say a huge thanks to all the labels and people who have bought my music over the last few years as I was able to use this money to invest in my studio set-up.

I will also be adding some brand new music to my own Vibedeck Shop page over the next couple of weeks – –2







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