New EP on Storejam : 26/08/2013



I am really pleased to announce a brand new EP entitled, ‘Transition’, which is being released on The Storejam website next Monday 26th August.

It comprises of four tracks, two of which I only finished this week. Those two are called ‘Piano Business’ and ‘Spiritual Chemistry’. Clips from soundcloud below:

The third track on the EP is one which went down extremely well at the Storejam night at Perception last month – it’s called ‘Through the Cosmos’.

The final track is one which is very personal to me, which I composed a few years ago and have played out a lot over the last couple of years.  It is called ‘Washing away the tears’ and I’m now ready to release it and very pleased to be releasing it on Storejam.    Phatplayaz has also remixed it and done a tremendous job watch out for that – I’ll be playing it on my next Jrumism music show in September.

So please support Storejam and head over to the website not only for my music but for some superb drum and bass from producers all over the world. Storejam not only get the music out there quicker than anyone else but they also look after their producers as well as their fans.





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