Storejam February Newsletter!

storejam tees

Storejam, founded and run by the mighty Phatplayaz is going from strength to strength.  Here is the monthly Newsletter from the Storejam team:

The online store is now functioning with loads of new releases added every week, site traffic is growing with exclusive music being downloaded all over the world. The team are working tirelessly to source the best and freshest music from all corners of the globe and get it licensed and ready to download in a matter of days.

The word is definitely out, we are speaking with new labels all the time and will be bringing them on board as soon as we can. The release schedule will be seriously increasing in quantity over the next couple of months as all the hard work comes to fruition and a much more varied and comprehensive selection will be ready to browse each and every Monday.

Big hitting labels Fokuz and Celsius continue with a heavy presence in the store. Fokuz have tunes dropping from Nelver & Simplification, Paramount and Joakuim & Pixel amongst others. We have more Brazilian flavour from diskool records with artist Koil and IM:LTD come in with pieces from Gerwin and Atmospherix & S-VB. Metta recordings also have some beats scheduled fro February. And remember, all the music currently available on the store is still fresh due to the fact that they are hot out of the studio and not languishing on label heads hard drives for months.

Merchandise sales have been brisk the last few weeks as more people are wanting to be associated with and show support for our cutting edge concept. Branded bags, hats and t-shirts are all in stock and ready to ship worldwide.

Plans are to take the Storejam team on tour later in the year, so keep your eyes pealed and let us know if you want us showcasing our sounds live in a venue or town near you.

That’s it for now. We don’t want to clog up your inbox so expect another up date in a month or so when we should be able to introduce all the new labels that have been contacting us wanting to get on board.

Thanks for reading and being part of our downloading revolution.

Storejam team

So, lots more quality exclusive music to come as Storejam grows in 2013 and beyond.

Remember to send any music through to me for consideration.  Either contact me on aim ‘jrumhand’ or send me a link to your tracks at:


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