Jrumhand remix of Nookie’s ‘Rebound’ classic out on Atmosphere Chapter 4 Mix – Phuzion Digital!

I’m really pleased that my ‘aint broke remix of Nookies ‘Rebound’ remix is coming out on the brand new Atmosphere Chapter 4 mix put together and mixed by the legendary DJ Nookie.  It was a real pleasure to be able to remix this bonafide drum and bass classic; having the original samples to use and I’m thrilled that my remix has been chosen for this mix series.

Look out for some more music from myself coming out on Phuzion Digital this year.

The tracklist looks sublime with some fabulous music from the likes of PFM, Furney, Subject 13, Rowpieces, MSDOS, Soultec, Kyro and lots of others.

You can listen to a taster here:

Phuzion Digital is proud to present the fourth incarnation of our extremely popular Atmosphere: Deeper Drum & Bass compilation album series!

Included in this latest chapter are tracks from Nookie, PFM, DJ Trax, Rowpieces feat. La Yee, Soultec, Subject 13, Dynamic, Furney, B Fuse, Kyro, Imagery, Spirant, Phil Tangent, Calculon, Andy Sim, Brunno Junglist, MSDOS, Pixel, Stereotype, plus an exclusive studio DJ mix from our very own DJ Nookie!

After the success of Chapter 3 Phuzion Digital aim to continue bringing you the very best in Deeper Drum & Bass!

Release Date: 25th February 2013 (Beatport) / 11th March 2013 (All Other Shops)

Atmosphere: Deeper Drum & Bass (Chapter 4)

1. Rowpieces (feat. La Yee) – Better World
2. Kyro – Wash Away The Years
3. DJ Trax – Space Is The Place
4. Phil Tangent & Imagery – Waters Edge
5. PFM – This Must Be Love
6. Mos – Sweet Memories
7. B Fuse – Semisynthetic
8. MsDos & Pixel – Breathless
9. Furney – Time To Myself
10. Imagery & Spirant – Guilty Pleasures
11. Stereotype – Elephant Shoes
12. Brunno Junglist – One
13. Dynamic (feat. MsDos) – Theme From Downtown
14. Subject 13 – 4000AD (Voja Remix)
15. Calculon & Andy Sim – Luckiest Day
16. Soultec – Lucky Fool
17. Dynamic – NY Love Story
18. Nookie – Rebounded (Jrumhand’s Aint Broke Remix)

Phuzion Digital… Deeper Drum & Bass





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