Jrumhand ‘The Charade (2012 Exit Reprint)’ – Available to purchase…

Artwork : Dbase

I have decided to sell my track ‘The Charade’ (2012 Reprint) on my Vibedeck page. You can download a high quality 320kbps mp3 of this track. It is a recent remix I made of a track originally released on Binary Soul Records a few years ago. I played it in my recent DJ set at the Offworld v Bassdrive night and it went down very well. All proceeds from sales go directly to me, which I plough back into upgrading my studio; enabling me to continue to make better music.

Just click on the ‘Buy this set’ link and you will be taken to my Vibedeck shop page where you can purchase via paypal.

Thanks to Dbase from Athens for the exquisite artwork.

This is a review of the original ‘Charade’ release back in 2008 from K-Magazine (when it was an actual magazine rather than a website!).

Thank you for the support.



  1. Michael Eamon Osborne · April 8, 2012

    . . . got it soo loud, the keyboard is jumpin around – lol – Cranked!=]

  2. Michael Eamon Osborne · April 8, 2012

    Nice 1 mate! got it ckanked!=]

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