Jrumhand – Music to purchase through Vibedeck – ‘Simplicity’.

Artwork : Dbase

I have decided to sell some of my music via Vibedeck. This is a system which operates via paypal. You can purchase my track, ‘Simplicity’ for £1.50 for a 320kbps high quality mp3. There is no label involved with this website and all proceeds go directly to the artist.

Just click on the ‘BUY’ link and you will be taken to my Vibedeck page where you will be able to purchase any tracks on there via paypal.


Many thanks to all those people who buy music digitally and legally. Thanks for your support. Also, many thanks to Dbase from Athens for producing the sublime artwork.

In other recent news, I have signed my track, ‘Jazzamatazz’ to MSDOS’s label, Liquid Drops out of Greece. I have also signed another artist EP to Phuzion Digital. More news as and when.


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