‘Crescendo’ (High Quality Wav) Out Now on my Vibedeck Shop!

I am pleased to release a track I composed back in December entitled ‘Crescendo’ on my own Vibedeck shop page.  The music is available to download in a high qaulity wav format from the link below.

Jrumhand ‘Crescendo’ – Feb 2012

Download Link: http://vibedeck.com/jrumhand–2

I will upload more music to my Vibedeck shop over the next few weeks and months.

Many thanks to all the people who have purchased my music in this way.  Your ongoing support encourages me to make more music available.



Jrumhand ‘The Boss’ gets a release on Vibedeck!

The next track to appear on my own Vibedeck shop page is a track I composed last year entitled, ‘The Boss’.

‘The Boss’ begins with some gangster samples and soon builds into a sub-bass roller! Making use of a jazzy hypnotic piano riff and reverb drenched sax stabs this is one for the floor.

To download a high quality wav of this piece of music please visit my Vibedeck page:



Thanks to Dbase for the artwork.

‘Underneath’ and ‘Think’ Releases on Jrumhand’s Vibedeck Shop.


I have uploaded two of my tracks to my Vibedeck shop page. They are now high quality wavs instead of mp3’s. Look out for more music coming soon to Vibedeck (http://vibedeck.com/jrumhand–2)as well as brand new exclusives on Storejam (www.storejam.com)

Jrumhand ‘Underneath’:

A nod to the classic sounds of the mid-nineties or the golden era of drum and bass. Ethereal strings meet Maya Angelou mutterings and haunting pianos to sweep you up on a back in time journey.

‘Bareness to be honest. Love the slower temp too, bring it back! – LM1 (Offworld)

‘Brilliant piece, loving it already’ – DBase (Submission)

High Quality Wav download.

ONLY available to purchase from my Vibedeck shop:


Jrumhand ‘Think’:

Based around the classic Lyn Collins ‘Think’ break (which happens to be one of my favourites) this track is a straight up roller designed for the dancefloor.

‘An Absolute Roller’ – DJ Conspire

ONLY available to purchase from my Vibedeck shop:


Release date: Feb 2, 2013

Jrumhand – Music to purchase through Vibedeck – ‘Simplicity’.

Artwork : Dbase

I have decided to sell some of my music via Vibedeck. This is a system which operates via paypal. You can purchase my track, ‘Simplicity’ for £1.50 for a 320kbps high quality mp3. There is no label involved with this website and all proceeds go directly to the artist.

Just click on the ‘BUY’ link and you will be taken to my Vibedeck page where you will be able to purchase any tracks on there via paypal.


Many thanks to all those people who buy music digitally and legally. Thanks for your support. Also, many thanks to Dbase from Athens for producing the sublime artwork.

In other recent news, I have signed my track, ‘Jazzamatazz’ to MSDOS’s label, Liquid Drops out of Greece. I have also signed another artist EP to Phuzion Digital. More news as and when.