I have been busy in the studio and the results are two brand new compositions.  The first I have entitled, ‘The Whip’. which has gained the support of Nookie and his new Phuzion Digital label, so I am very pleased to announce that the track will be released on Phuzion Digital over the coming weeks.  Here is a clip from my soundcloud page:

Also, Nookie has confirmed that my track, ‘Light at the end of the Tunnel’ will be coming out on 15th August on an EP alongside tracks from Paul SG, MSDOS, Soultec and Flowrian so watch out for that!

My newest track, I have entitled ‘Visions of Music’.  The voice sample says it all really about how important music is.  I sampled it from a Chick Corea interview.  Here is a clip (the Jrumhand voiceovers are provided courtesy of MC Hifi):

Finally, I’d like to thank all the people who have downloaded my Summer Studio Mix, which now has over 600 downloads which means a lot.

Also, I will be appearing on the legendary DJ Ashatack’s Just on Track show on Bassdrive radio next Thursday 4th August 10pm-midnight GMT – http://www.bassdrive.com.  I am really looking forward to this so be sure to tune in!



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