I’ve been meaning to record a mix for a long time, but time has been at a premium lately.  Therefore, I made this one yesterday in the same spirit as I would have made a mixtape many years ago!  Totally unrehearsed; grabbing classic drum and bass records that I felt like at the time and putting them together into the mix.  This is the result :

1. Intro
2. Carlito ‘Heaven’ – Creative Source – and Scratchattack!
3. Skanna ‘Find Me’ – Skanna Recordings
4. Deep Blue ‘ Thursday’ – Moving Shadow
5. Future Technicians ‘Airtight’- Legend Recordings
6. Aquarius and Tayla ‘Bringing me Down’ – Good Looking Records
7. Source Direct ‘ Exit 9’ – Source Direct Recordings
8. Source Direct ‘ The Crane’ – Source Direct Recordings
9. Peshay ‘Jazz Lick’ – Nexus Records
10. Intense ‘Eastern Promise’ – Diverse Recordings
11. Intense ‘Motions’ – Way Out Records
12. FutureBound ‘Sorrow’ – Skanna Recordings
13. P.F.M.  ‘The Mystics’ – Good Looking Records



1. Intro
2. P.F.M. ‘Love and Happiness’ Good Looking Records (Scratch attack)
3. Jazz Juice ‘Jazz Juice’ Precious Materials
4. Artenis ‘Inner Rythmn’ Underdog Recordings
5. Funky Technicians ‘Fever’ Timeless Recordings
6. F.B.D. Project ‘Classified Listening’ Neil Trix Re-edit
7. P.F.M. ‘Wash Over Me’ Good Looking Records
8. Big Bud ‘Emotionography’ Good Looking Records (Scratch attack)
9. Arteq ‘Amazing’ Celluloid Records
10. Freehand ‘I can’t stop’ Smooth Recordings
11. Intense ‘West Side Blues’ Diverse Recordings
12. Tic Tac Toe White Label

Feel free to download from the soundcloud link.  Look out for some more recollections over the summer including some hardcore and jungle ones too.


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