‘Inna Groove’, a track I made last year with the mighty Phatplayaz, is being released on his album, coming out this summer on New York label, Telluric Recordings.

Also, my track with the mighty Blade, ‘Cascade’ is coming out on Good Looking Records at some point, so keep an eye out for that.

Here is a clip of the legendary LTJ BUKEM playing ‘Cascade’…

‘Those Vital Elements’, ‘Sailing through  the Atmosphere’ ‘Just a Piece of Music’, ‘Kos:mik’ and Light at the end of the tunnel’  could all be coming out soon on various labels….more details to follow here!

Meanwhile, here is a clip of a new track I’ve been working on entitled ‘The Jrag’.

Also, here is a BREAKSBLOG  link to my studio mix :


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