LTJ Bukem – ‘Giving it up Mix’ – Kiss 100FM – 1994 PFM Mix!

This is an absolute classic mix from LTJ Bukem, recorded onto tape in 1994/1995 (can’t remember exactly now) by my cousin Rob one night from Kiss FM.  I remember hearing this for the first time and being absolutley blown away by the quality of the music from PFM.  I think this may have been the first time that Bukem played PFM’s music on Kiss (although if I am wrong, please let me know!).

This is a classic mix; Bukem’s passion for the music he is introducing is obvious.

Tracklisting :

PFM – Western (Good Looking Records)

PFM – Danny’s Song (Good Looking Records)

PFM – One and Only (Good Looking Records)

PFM – Cruising Detroit (Moving Shadow)

Enjoy!  Here is the link :

Jrumhand 😉


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