Psyko Konceptor – French Radio Aktiv Podcast!

Psyko Konceptor is an incredible French jrum and bass producer who has been supporting my music since I started making jrum and bass.  Below is the tracklist from his latest radio show on the French radio station Radio – Aktiv which he did alongside fellow Frenchman, DJ Sylcut.

The show featured some excellent music from the likes of Phatplayaz, Foniqz, Baron Simms & Drifta, Lil London & LM1 to name but a few.  The link is at the bottom of this blog. 

Many thanks to Jean Marie for his continued support.  Check out his music at

Also look out for his new track, Silicum 64 forthcoming on First Stage Recordings (

TRACKLIST : Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 16.02.10 (Psyko Konceptor.)

Jrumhand – Wonsaponatime (BSR008 – Binary Soul Records)
Phat Playaz & Jrumhand – Mr Cosmic (unsigned)
Jrumhand – Jramatics (forthcoming on Plush Recordings)
LiL’London – Hands of the computers
Phat Playaz – The PFM Journey(BSR009 – Binary Soul Records)
Rob May – Mystery Machine
Psyko-Konceptor & Foniqz – Celtic
Johnny Beverton – Whatever You Want
LM1 – Redshift
Psyko-Konceptor – Silicium64 (Forthcoming on First Stage Recordings)
Drifta Vs Baron Simms – It’s Time
Kyro – Dark Devotion
Jade – This Is My World (Icicle Remix)
Electrosoul System – Slice
Commix – Justified
Phat Playaz – Reader –
Duo Infernale – Lost In The World


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  1. dropzone · February 25, 2010

    Nice selecta … Big Up !!

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