My SDR v SNG Mix!

Thanks to everyone who tuned in.  It was worth setting up a Facebook account just for a few hours, so that I could catch up with you all in the Messenger chat, although I have safely deleted it now!!

Big shout to Matteo from Italy for the love and to Scott, Tyler & Chris and all the gang.

Until next time.

I decided to have some fun with this mix and I’ve sprinkled in lots of old samples from my music over the last 12 years at various places!

Here is my mix (tracklist below):

Soul Deep Recordings · Jrumhand – Soul Deep Vs Smooth N Groove Artist Fundraiser Mix


  1.  Introduction
  2. Jrumhand – Don’t be scared – Soul Deep Exclusives Dub
  3. Calibre – Taciturn – Signature Records
  4. Jrumhand – We Rise – Jrumhand Bandcamp Shop
  5. Poschek – Caravan – Smooth N Groove Records Dub
  6. MsDos & Scott Allen – Jazzimilla – Rhythm Syndicate Dub
  7. Jrumhand – Sennet – Soul Deep Exclusives Dub
  8. Jrumhand – A Swell Time – Jrumhand Bandcamp Shop
  9. Poschek & Jrumhand – Tropical Green – Precious Material Dub
  10. Scott Allen & MsDos – Brass Funky – Dub
  11. Poschek ‘De-orbiting’ – Smooth n Groove Records Dub
  12. Jrumhand – A Pleasant Stroll – Dub
  13. Jrumhand – Joyous – Liquid Drum and Bass 4 Autism
  14. Jrumhand & Poschek – My Town – Precious Material Dub
  15. Jrumhand – Swiv – Soul Deep Exclusives Dub


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