‘October EP’ – Release on 20/10/17 – Smooth N Groove Records

Jrumhand - October EP

I am really pleased to announce my next release on the exquisite Smooth n Groove Records label later this month.  This is my second E.P. on the label and I must say this is a label which is going from strength to strength, already featuring a very impressive back catalogue of releases.

The four tracks featured include the title track, ‘October’ which samples a very classic pianist at his very best.

‘Blue Sky’ was composed this summer and just like the title track, received support from LTJ Bukem.

The other two pieces are ‘Easy’ and ‘Dig a Feeling’, which are more aimed towards the dancefloor.

I’d like to thank Tyler (Clen), who has been a huge supporter of my music for a number of years now and Chris (Christal), who are are doing a great job with the label.  You can catch their weekly shows on www.differentdrumz.co.uk Sunday and Wednesday nights.  I like to tune in as often as I can and am often in the chat, so come and say hello and support the shows.

I’ve also signed another new track, ‘August’ to SnG so watch out for that, probably next year.  That was the first track on my recent summer mix, which you can download from my Soundcloud page.

Here are some clips of the ‘October’ EP:




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