Summer Studio Mix

I’ve put together a little mix of music that I’ve been working on over the last few months both individually and collaboratively.  Much of it is forthcoming over the next few weeks and months.

I’ve also featured one of my favourite and inspiring pieces of music from the mighty LTJ Bukem to end on.

I’d like to thank  LTJ Bukem, Phil at Basement Records, Tyler & Christal at Smooth n Groove, Scott at Soul Deep and Glenn Physics for supporting my music.  Also big shout to Tim Poschek for the collaborations and more to come!

The mix is available from my Souncloud page and here:


  1.  August – Smooth N Groove Records (2018)
  2. Minuet in J – TBC
  3. Bitter Sweet – Midnight Sun Recordings
  4. Man Yana – TBC
  5. Blue Sky – Smooth n Groove Records (October EP 2017)
  6. With Poschek – Equatorial Drift – Soul Deep Recordings
  7. Easy – Smooth n Groove Records (October EP 2017)
  8. With Poschek – My Town -Precious Material (2018)
  9. Wonsaponatime – Precious Material (2017)
  10. Dig a Feeling – Smooth n Groove Records (October EP 2017)
  11. LTJ Bukem – Point of view – Good Looking Records


  1. jrumhand · August 9, 2017

    Great stuff, pleased you enjoyed it! 🙂

  2. joeeze · August 9, 2017

    So great! Totally changed my mood this morning 🙂

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