Storejam Re-launch – this weekend!


I am really excited to be blogging about the re-launch of the Storejam label and jrum and bass download shop. The site is coming back in style, with lots of brand new and exclusive music from a plethora of artists.

Phatplayaz, the creator of Storejam and its driving force returns to the shop with a brand new EP entitled, ‘Crazy Rhythmns’. Expect the usual high quality flavours which only he can provide.
He has worked so hard to establish Storejam as one of the leading download sites from scratch. As a result producers are flocking to Storejam because they know that both they and their music will be treated with the upmost respect. Their music will be released quickly and they will be renumerated for their art in a generous and timely manner. I would urge fellow artists to submit demos to the shop or to me at:


Another EP being released with the re-launch is from DJ Conspire, who has been making lots of fabulous music this year, signing tunes to Technique Recordings. The title of his EP is called ‘Submerged’. Watch out for a brand new collaboration between Conspire and myself coming later this year.


DJ Payback and I have been busy working together recently and we are releasing two pieces on Storejam. The first is a collaboration entitled, ‘Keep Your Distance’ and the second is Payback’s remix of my track, ‘The Jrag’, which was released on Phuzion Digital a few years ago. This remix has received support from the likes of LTJ Bukem – big thanks to him for his support too.


Storejam is back! Big thanks to Phatplayaz for all his hard work and support. Also to all the artists involved and everyone who still buys this music despite music being free everywhere.


Brand new music from Phatplayaz.

Brand new music from Phatplayaz.


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