The Jrag – Payback Re-Jragged Remix!


I’d like to say a big thanks to my good friend, the very talented Mark Payback for remixing one of my tracks, ‘The Jrag’, which came out on Phuzion Digital a few years ago.

He has done a fabulous job on the re-jrag. I really like what he has done with the main melody as well as the stripped back feel and superb jrum edits.



  1. Joe Eeze · April 11, 2015

    Oooo makes me want to crinch my brow and shift my eyes side to side! And Jrumhand…Remix lady is cool too… if not another lyric to the song! I enjoy your wonderful work 🙂

    • jrumhand · April 13, 2015

      Thanks Joe – really appreciate your ongoing support 🙂

  2. Anonymous · April 10, 2015


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