Perception Christmas Radio Show with Conspire, Phatplayaz and Myself!

It was a real pleasure to record an hour of music for the Perception Christmas Show. Big thanks to DJ Conspire for organising the show and to Phatplayaz, who is a natural radio presenter!

Big thanks to everyone who has played and supported a Jrumhand track this year, have a fabulous Christmas and best wishes in 2015.

Jrumhand 🙂



  1. Alexander Sullivan · January 19, 2015

    This has to be my 2nd favourite piece of writing of
    the week, i’m not able to’t tell you the top, it may offend

  2. Lucas Scott · January 17, 2015

    One of the superior pieces i have seen this week.

  3. Lillian Hall · January 17, 2015

    I hate reading time-consuming articles, only because i’ve got a
    bit of dislexia, but i actually loved this post

  4. Ella Cooper · January 12, 2015

    At the very least this is more enlightening than one of those reality Television stars, kim this?

    Joey what?

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