Jrumhand ‘Tuesday’ own it now from my Vibedeck shop!

You can now own a piece I composed one Tuesday last October for only £1.50 from my own Vibedeck shop.  All proceeds go directly to me – no labels, no commission for Beatport/Juno etc.  I invest any money I make from sharing my music into my studio (new plug-ins, hardware) which will enable me to make more and better music in the future.  This track was supported by LTJ Bukem worldwide on his Bukem in Session tour.  Thanks in advance for your support of my music.



  1. Michael Eamon Osborne · June 21, 2012

    Love this new track mate, its goin in me next mix!=]

    • jrumhand · June 21, 2012

      Good stuff, when I get the payment email through from Vibedeck from you I will send you a free track! 🙂

      • #old skool (@kingpiccy) · July 4, 2012

        Sorry mate, forgot to check back. Just purchased it tonight!=]
        cheers, Eamon.

      • jrumhand · July 7, 2012

        Thanks Eamon, I really appreciate your support. I’m going to link you to a free track to say thanks for purchasing my music via my Vibedeck shop page! 🙂

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