My second release on Soul Deep Recordings is out now on Juno Download.  I have named the EP ‘Sailing Through’, after the title track, ‘Sailing Through The Atmosphere’.

This follows on from my ‘Ajrift’ EP which came out last year on this fast rising label.  It’s a real pleasure to work with Scott Allen & Bryn Deeper Connection.  I really respect the way they do business and the vision they have for the label has really reached fruition with some sublime music coming out monthly from the SDR camp.

The music on this EP was composed last summer and consists of the deep composition which is ‘Sailing Through The Atmosphere’ – it was great to play this out at the Offworld v Bassdrive night last October as it went down really well in the club as well as being easy on the ear for home listening.  I really enjoyed making this track.

‘Fusion Groove’ consists of a Lonnie Liston Smith voice sample over a tight groove – I had fun making this one!

‘That Natural Sound’ is a track that came together really quickly, whilst experimenting with some looping in Ableton Live and is a track I consider to be one of my best from 2011.  I think it typifies the type of sound I set out trying to compose at the beginning of the year, and in this track I felt I accomplished what I had set out to achieve.

The final piece of music on the EP is ‘A Time to Reflect’.  This track came about whilst I was reflecting about how I distribute the music I create and the complexities of releasing music in the digital age as well as reflecting on how dumbed down certain music has become with the X Factor juggernaut and so on, which seems to roll on year after year.

If you like this EP then please buy it and don’t download the inevitable pirate versions.  You’ll be doing me and Scott and Bryn a big favour.  Lots of time, energy and passion goes into making the music and from the guys running the label so give a little back to this genre that we all love so much 🙂

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the EP as much as I did composing the music.  Composing this music is such a release for me and I love every minute I can spend in my studio.


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