Jrumhand ‘Distant Jreams’ Review on RouteNote!

My ‘Distant Jreams’ EP on First Stage Recordings has been reviewed by Luke McGhee on RouteNote :

“Musicians have always had a bit of a reputation for being an enormous swarm of self-indulgent, self-congratulating, deluded by their own significance and highly pretentious twits. Right back to the days of Beethoven, who once wrote a letter entirely unprovoked to the Czech Prince Lichnowsky, informing him “There have been thousands of princes and will be thousands more; there is only one Beethoven!”, musicians have always managed to deliberately alienate and elevate themselves above the rest of humanity, considering themselves more enlightened and profound than any other demographic walking the earth.

This appalling attitude and undesirable characteristic (even when fully justified) has never really changed, especially in academic music circles and has become all to common amongst singer/songwriting pop types. But in no area of music is this trait more obvious and completely unjustified than in the world of Intelligent Dance Music or “IDM” as I refuse to call it under any circumstances, other than explaining to you my contempt for that particular set of initials.

Jrumhand is in every respect the total opposite of everything I described above and also the opposite of everything I expected him to be after receiving what looked like a lengthly press release from his record label.
His short E.P Distant Jreams features 3 genuinely interesting Drum n Bass tracks that would make a welcome addition to any music collection. His balance between ethereal ambiance and addictive exciting drum beats and bass lines that provide you with everything you could possibly want from a DnB artist.

The quality of the music is not the only reason that I suggest going onto iTunes and buying this EP. Remember a few weeks ago I posted an article about a record label whose proceeds go to charity called First Stage Underground? Well, that’s the label promoting this E.P, so not only will you be supporting a new talent, you will also be giving your money to Cancer Research.

Have a listen to the E.P’s opening track ‘Back When’ below and click here to buy a copy from iTunes.

If you would like your music to be featured in a future blog post then please get in touch; luke@routenote.com or on twitter @monkeyhotel”

Link : http://routenote.com/blog/jrumhand-distant-jreams-e-p/

Thanks to Glen at First Stage Recordings and Luke McGhee at RouteNote!



  1. Marina Samba · March 31, 2011

    Album is just 100% [A]ma[Z]ing :)))

    Wish to see you at Sun and Bass festival in Sardinia.

    Big ups!!


    • jrumhand · March 31, 2011

      Thank you very much for the support and comment! Really appreciate it!

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