1. gav · September 28, 2010

    hi mate, I just downloaded your bukem Kiss FM mix. You haven’t got any more of this mix ripped to MP3 have you, I have this on tape, )tried to record lots of these shows), and on this particular show he plays what he says is a waxdoctor tune which he says might be coming out on basement records. I would love to ID this, and it would make my life easier if I had a rip of it. These were class radio shows, so many good tunes at the real beginning of that distinctive bukem sound.

    Nice one, Gav

    • Jrumhand · September 28, 2010

      Hi Gav,

      I have got some more of this tape but unfotunately not the whole show as the tape was a 60 minute one! A guess could be the Waxdoctor track that came out on Metalheadz back then – could be worth searching on the discogs site. I will have a listen and when I get the time, I’ll try to upload the rest of it.


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