New music at my Bandcamp Shop – 7 E.P.’s

I am pleased to announce that I have uploaded lots of music to my Bandcamp shop.

The latest E.P. is called ‘Paths’ and features 4 unreleased pieces:

1.  Paths

2.  An enjoyable escapade

3.  Appegios

4.  Live each day


Following many requests to upload my releases from the mighty Storeham shop site, which no longer exists, I have uploaded every single track on different E.P.’s as follows:

September E.P.


  1.  September
  2.  A swell time
  3. Jammin’
  4. Kozmik

Antidote E.P.


  1.  The Antidote
  2. All that mattes
  3. Jropped
  4. The power of music

We Rise E.P.



  1.  We rise
  2. Washing away the tears
  3. Piano business
  4. Belt drives and white labels

Red Skies E.P.


  1.  Red sky at night
  2. Melodic improvisations
  3. Spiritual chemistry
  4. Through the cosmos

Space Walk E.P.


  1.  Space walk
  2. A dangerous journey
  3. Alright
  4. All aboard

Tight Spot E.P.

1. Tight spot

2.  80’s groove

3.  Le groove

4.  Simply does it

I am going to also upload my Binary Soul releases, which are unavailable to buy anywhere else as well as some more exclusive content.

Many thanks for your ongoing support.


Guest Mix for W10 Records

Following on from my recent release, I have put together a mix for London based W10 Records.  It features some recent releases and dubs from the label from the likes of Danny Wheeler, Paul SG and Makoto as well as music from Poschek, Brother, Malaky and J-Laze.

You can download the mix from the W10 Soundcloud page here:



1. Jrumhand – ‘Sensitive People’ – Dub
2. Brother ‘Watermark’ – Dub
3. Danny Wheeler & Paul SG ‘Jellybean’ – W10
4. Danny Wheeler & Makoto ‘ Midnight Hour’ – W10
5. Poschek – Other Things – Smooth n Groove Dub
6. Malaky – Being with You – Malaky Bandcamp
7. Danny Wheeler & Paul SG – Start a Fire – Jazzsticks Dub
8. Jrumhand ‘Minuet in J’ – W10
9. Jrumhand & Poschek ‘My Town’ – Precious Material Dub
10. Danny Wheeler ‘Slam Funking’ – W10
11. J-Laze – Memoryz – Dub



‘Minuet in J’ EP out now on W10 Records

W10 Jrumhan EP


I am proud to announce my debut release on the excellent imprint, W10 Records.  It features four of my tracks and I’d like to thank Danny Wheeler for supporting my music in his DJ sets as well as for releasing the E.P.

“A Soulful DnB ride with some deep and jazzy Drum and Bass vibes from this very talented new generation producer.”  W10 Records

Currently, it is available to purchase at the following online outlets:
Apple Music:
and streaming via …

‘October EP’ – Release on 20/10/17 – Smooth N Groove Records

Jrumhand - October EP

I am really pleased to announce my next release on the exquisite Smooth n Groove Records label later this month.  This is my second E.P. on the label and I must say this is a label which is going from strength to strength, already featuring a very impressive back catalogue of releases.

The four tracks featured include the title track, ‘October’ which samples a very classic pianist at his very best.

‘Blue Sky’ was composed this summer and just like the title track, received support from LTJ Bukem.

The other two pieces are ‘Easy’ and ‘Dig a Feeling’, which are more aimed towards the dancefloor.

I’d like to thank Tyler (Clen), who has been a huge supporter of my music for a number of years now and Chris (Christal), who are are doing a great job with the label.  You can catch their weekly shows on Sunday and Wednesday nights.  I like to tune in as often as I can and am often in the chat, so come and say hello and support the shows.

I’ve also signed another new track, ‘August’ to SnG so watch out for that, probably next year.  That was the first track on my recent summer mix, which you can download from my Soundcloud page.

Here are some clips of the ‘October’ EP:



Summer Studio Mix

I’ve put together a little mix of music that I’ve been working on over the last few months both individually and collaboratively.  Much of it is forthcoming over the next few weeks and months.

I’ve also featured one of my favourite and inspiring pieces of music from the mighty LTJ Bukem to end on.

I’d like to thank  LTJ Bukem, Phil at Basement Records, Tyler & Christal at Smooth n Groove, Scott at Soul Deep and Glenn Physics for supporting my music.  Also big shout to Tim Poschek for the collaborations and more to come!

The mix is available from my Souncloud page and here:


  1.  August – Smooth N Groove Records (2018)
  2. Minuet in J – TBC
  3. Bitter Sweet – Midnight Sun Recordings
  4. Man Yana – TBC
  5. Blue Sky – Smooth n Groove Records (October EP 2017)
  6. With Poschek – Equatorial Drift – Soul Deep Recordings
  7. Easy – Smooth n Groove Records (October EP 2017)
  8. With Poschek – My Town -Precious Material (2018)
  9. Wonsaponatime – Precious Material (2017)
  10. Dig a Feeling – Smooth n Groove Records (October EP 2017)
  11. LTJ Bukem – Point of view – Good Looking Records

New music Update

I have been busy over the last month or so working on lots of new music.  This is a clip from a new track entitled, ‘Blue Sky’, which is getting support from LTJ Bukem.  It will be released on my forthcoming EP with Smooth n Groove Records alongside:  October, Easy and Dig a Feeling.  Here is a short clip of the track:

I’ve also been busy working with the very musical and talented Poschek from Germany on a couple of new pieces for a forthcoming EP with Soul Deep so look out for news on that over the next few weeks.  These are also being supported by LTJ Bukem.

Lastly, I’m really pleased to announce that I have signed a track with Physics’ label Midnight Sun Recordings.  The track is ‘Bitter Sweet’.  Here is a clip:

Have a great summer!