New Release with Soulstructure and Jazzsticks!


soulstructure origin ep

I am really pleased to feature on the new Soulstructure E.P. on Jazzsticks Recordings.  The EP is called ‘Origin’ and features four pieces including a track called ‘The Source’ which we worked on together last year.

The E.P. is available to buy digitally from 18th January.  ‘Origin‘ is one of the best tracks from the last few years for me from Soulstructure themselves.  Also on the release are collaborations with Pulsaar and Molly Duncan/Frontlines.

Big thanks to John, Dom and Paul SG.  Tracklist is as follows:



Soulstructure remix ‘We Rise’.


The talented duo Soulstructure have recently remixed one of my pieces, ‘We Rise’.  This was one of my first tracks I composed in 2013 and was released on Storejam.

Many thanks to Dom and John for doing such an excellent job with this remix.  They have put the Soulstructure sound firmly on the track as well as keeping some of the original elements.

Soulstructure and I are also working on some new music, which hopefully will be completed in the next couple of months so watch out for that.

You can listen to more of their work here:

This should get a release in 2014 on Storejam.

Jrumhand – We Rise (Soulstructure Remix)

You can purchase the original version from here: