This is my first mix for a long, long time, but will be the first of many coming up over the summer months! Enjoy the music!

Jrumhand is one of those new guys that roll out the timeless and jazzy drum and bass rollers. His debut album is out on Textures Music Group with plenty more already out aswell as forthcoming on such labels as Telluric, SDR and GLR. Simply great music that works both on the dancefloor and at home. Check out his Artist Profile on Soul Deep Recordings. Get on this. (From Breakblog website)

Feel free to download via my soundcloud page:

01 Jrumhand – ‘Francoise’ – TMG
02 Jrumhand – ‘Gamble of Life’ – TMG
03 Soultec and Msdos – ‘Where’s the Brass?’ – Black Reflection Records
04 Jrumhand and Phatplayaz – ‘All that Jazz’ – TBC
05 Jrumhand – ‘Wax’ – TMG
06 Aquasion – ‘Loyal does it’ – TMG
07 Jrumhand and Blade – ‘Cascade’ – Good Looking Records
08 Jrumhand – ‘Live for Today’ – TMG
09 Jrumhand -’Sailing across the atmosphere’ – TBC
10 Jrumhand – ‘Bricks and Mortar – TMG
11 Jrumhand – ‘Ice and Lemon’ – TMG
12 Jrumhand – ‘Pianoforte’ – TMG
13 Jrumhand – ‘Vital Elements’ – TBC
14 PhatPlayaz – ‘Masterclass’ – TBC



Jrastic Measures Album Out Now on Textures Music Group:

“Jrumhand’s debut album presented on the Soul Searchers album series is a must have! His first album titled ‘Jrastic Measures’ is mint! Supported by LTJ Bukem and several other big names in the music world you definitely cannot go wrong by getting this album! Show your support and buy this release!” Press Release

Available to purchase from Beatport:


It features eleven tracks and is available as part of the Soul Searchers series on Textures Music Group.

Here are the release details :

Traclist :
1. Francoise
2. Wax
3. Bricks and Mortar
4. A Jrum a bass and a piano
5. Jribs and jrabs
6. Pianoforte
7. Live for Today
8. Gamble of Life
9. Jramatics
10. Chance
11. Ice and Lemon

A big thank you to Jay Aquasion and Melos from Textures for the support – I’m really pleased to get this music out there!

New Music & Old Mixtapes uploaded….

A new piece of music from me….

I’ve also uploaded some old mixtapes and interviews related to drum and bass and jungle from some old tapes of mine :

Goldie on Kool FM’s ‘Open Forum’ – 1995 (Part One)

Goldie on Kool FM’s ‘Open Forum’ – 1995 (Part Two)

LTJ Bukem Mix – Giving it up on KissFM 1994

Blame & MC Conrad live @ Turnmills Logical Progression 1997 (Part One)

Blame & MC Conrad live @ Turnmills Logical Progression 1997 (Part Two)

Mixmaster Max on Defection FM – Feb 1993

Feel free to download.