The Jrumism Music Show D/L

I really enjoyed hosting my new monthly Jrumism Radio Show yesterday afternoon on Liquid Sessions Radio.

I would like to say a huge thank you to all that tuned in – the chatroom and all the silent listeners. I really appreciate your support.

Lots of new and timeless music on the show yesterday as well as music from other genres. Always expect the unexpected! Also, the show went on for nearly three hours, which was great!

I’d also like to say a big thank you to all at Liquid Sessions Radio and to Gee for setting me up.

I look forward to next months show on the last Sunday of October.


Jrumhand & Phatplayaz – Bukem in Session Fabric Mix!



What an absolute  pleasure it was to record a mix alongside the mighty Phatplayaz for the legendary Bukem in Session night in room 2 at Fabric next Friday 25th July.

We selected tracks which represent our taste and style of music as well as some of our own compositions.  The mix gives you a taster of what to expect next Friday, although obviously there will be a lot more exclusive tracks which we will be playing at Fabric.

You can follow this link to the Fabric website to read up about our mix, which includes a tracklist here:

The mix has also been uploaded to LTJ Bukem’s Mixcloud page, which can be found here:

Finally, a soundcloud link to the mix is here:

Set times for the night are as follows:

11-12:30  Jrumhand & Phatplayaz

12.30-1.30  Utah Jazz

1.30-3.30 LTJ Bukem

3.30-5.00 DJ Die

5.00-6.00 Grooverider

I would like to thank Phatplayaz for a wicked mix and LTJ Bukem for inviting us to become part of the BIS promo mix series.

A new piece of music entitled ‘Arpeggios’

After a few months of not working on any new music I have finally had a little bit of time to work on something new (which is still unfinished). Here is a clip from my Soundcloud page.

Watch out for some new collaborations with Phatplayaz and Soulstructure over the next few weeks and months.

Soulstructure remix ‘We Rise’.


The talented duo Soulstructure have recently remixed one of my pieces, ‘We Rise’.  This was one of my first tracks I composed in 2013 and was released on Storejam.

Many thanks to Dom and John for doing such an excellent job with this remix.  They have put the Soulstructure sound firmly on the track as well as keeping some of the original elements.

Soulstructure and I are also working on some new music, which hopefully will be completed in the next couple of months so watch out for that.

You can listen to more of their work here:

This should get a release in 2014 on Storejam.

Jrumhand – We Rise (Soulstructure Remix)

You can purchase the original version from here: