October Edition of The Jrumism Music Show.

Thanks to everyone who tuned in to my Radio show today.

You can download it from here:

Again, apologies for the popping and distortion on the mic this month. That will teach me to purchase the cheapest one in the shop! Promise to sort it out for next month’s show!


1. Essence of Aura ‘So this is Love’
2. Mystic Trip ‘Wish you Were’
3. Happy Mondays ’24 Hour Party People’
4. Jrumhand Featuring Lady Emz ‘Basic Intuition’
5. Malaky & MSDOS ‘Long Distance’
6. Alex Reece & The Jazz Cartel ‘Street Player’
7. E.P.M.D. ‘Strictly Business’
8. Jrumhand & Scott Allen ‘Love So True’
9. Intelligent Manners & Malaky ‘Tears’
10. St Germain ‘Alabama Blues’ (Waxdoctor Remix)
11. Simphonia ‘Can’t get over your love’
12. Jrumhand ‘Sensitive People’
13. Scott Allen ‘Soul Complex’
14. Jrumhand ‘Untitled’
15. Phatplayaz ‘Go Again’
16. Jrumhand ‘Piano Groove’
17. Jrumhand ‘My Sound’
18. Phatplayaz ‘World Turn’
19. K.C. FLight ‘Planet E (Acid Drop Remix)’
20. Makoto Feat MC Conrad ‘You make me Feel’
21. Jrumhand ‘A Pleasant Stroll’
22. Intense ‘Motions’
23. Artinis ‘Inner Rhythm’
24. Orbital ‘Belfast’
25. Keni Burke ‘Risin’ to the Top’
26. Intense Feat MC DRS & MC Conrad ‘Wastelands’

Many thanks to everyone who tuned in live to the show.

Next show will be on Sunday 30th November 4-6pmGMT


Jrumhand :)

The Jrumism Music Show D/L

I really enjoyed hosting my new monthly Jrumism Radio Show yesterday afternoon on Liquid Sessions Radio.

I would like to say a huge thank you to all that tuned in – the chatroom and all the silent listeners. I really appreciate your support.

Lots of new and timeless music on the show yesterday as well as music from other genres. Always expect the unexpected! Also, the show went on for nearly three hours, which was great!

I’d also like to say a big thank you to all at Liquid Sessions Radio and to Gee for setting me up.

I look forward to next months show on the last Sunday of October.

Latest piece, ‘September’ forthcoming on Storejam!

I am really pleased to announce that my latest piece of music, ‘September’ will be coming out on the mighty Storejam in the very near future. This track is receiving support from LTJ Bukem.

Storejam is a project which is very close to my heart and owner Phatplayaz has worked incredibly hard building it up to the real success that it is today. Watch out for lots of new bits from me coming out with Storejam over the next few months. http://www.storejam.com

Here is a clip from my Soundcloud page.



A huge thank you to LTJ Bukem and Good Looking Records for inviting Phatplayaz and I down in July. We both had an absolutely fantastic night and it was a real pleasure to play back to back with Graham as well as be on the same bill as some top top talent. It was great to see LTJ Bukem at work and it made me realise how much he does for this scene, giving producers such as myself a chance to DJ at Fabric and playing an amazing set too!

Also big shouts to Conspire, Qumulus, Payback, Ashatack, A.K.A, Mystic Trip and everyone else who came down to support us.bis

LTJ Bukem at the controls!


Graham and myself mid-set!


Payback, myself, Conspire, AKA, Bev and Phatplayaz.


Jrumhand & Phatplayaz – Bukem in Session Fabric Mix!



What an absolute  pleasure it was to record a mix alongside the mighty Phatplayaz for the legendary Bukem in Session night in room 2 at Fabric next Friday 25th July.

We selected tracks which represent our taste and style of music as well as some of our own compositions.  The mix gives you a taster of what to expect next Friday, although obviously there will be a lot more exclusive tracks which we will be playing at Fabric.

You can follow this link to the Fabric website to read up about our mix, which includes a tracklist here:


The mix has also been uploaded to LTJ Bukem’s Mixcloud page, which can be found here:

Finally, a soundcloud link to the mix is here:

Set times for the night are as follows:

11-12:30  Jrumhand & Phatplayaz

12.30-1.30  Utah Jazz

1.30-3.30 LTJ Bukem

3.30-5.00 DJ Die

5.00-6.00 Grooverider

I would like to thank Phatplayaz for a wicked mix and LTJ Bukem for inviting us to become part of the BIS promo mix series.

New Bandcamp Page!

Following the success of my old Vibedeck shop which I maintained for a good couple of years, I have decided to start a Bandcamp shop page, which can be found here:


I will use this site in the same way as I used to use Vibedeck.  Expect to find some older tracks which never got round to being released as well as some fresh brand new music.  I will also be uploading free downloads occasionally too.  All music uploaded will always and only be available as high quality wavs.

Thanks in advance for your interest and support of my music.